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123 declutter is a residential professional organizing service that can help improve and enrich anyone’s lifestyle by bringing order and balance to everyday spaces. It will help you save time, energy and money, that will eliminate the need to purchase items you know you already have and can’t seem to locate them.


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To hire 123 declutter will take four simple steps:

1. Phone consultation so I get to know you, your needs and challenges.

2. In - home visit which includes a 60-minute complimentary consultation

to assess and evaluate the areas needed to be organized.

3. Create and implement an action plan specialized to your needs, goals, and vision.

We will start working together and create hands-on solutions.

We will Assess, Eliminate, Organize and I will coordinate taking items to donation. 

We will also spend time shopping for project supplies if necessary.


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I was born and raised in a small fishing village in Portugal,

a place where life was simple and minimal! I have always had a tendency to

organizing and keep things tidy and neat. Being organized and structured has
been a big part of my upbringing.


Growing up in a small home with very few possessions gave me a platform

to be creative. As a child, I would spend my free time rearranging and

reorganizing the spaces around me.


I am passionate about organizing and enjoy a simple lifestyle.  I believe having

fewer possessions creates less mind-clutter, and more time for spiritual,

mental and physical freedom to enjoy life the way life is intended to be!


I brought my creative organizing skills to a preschool class room setting

where I taught pre-K for 10 years. Working with children taught me to be

creative, resourceful, structured and always have an action plan.


I continued my organizational path by bringing my skills to an

Interior Design showroom as the display Manager.

There I brought balance, structure, order and attention to detail in the

element of design and organized the space with intention.


With my organizing expertise, together we can create a change that will

transform a beautiful, tranquil space in your home or office space.

I am committed to helping my clients eliminate clutter and guide

them through organization techniques, and  simplify their homes

so that they can live their best lives!

/Maria Mafi


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